about me

Whether you are a seasoned editorial photo editor from New York, a Mom frantic to find a wedding photographer, a marketing person tasked with hiring a photographer to shoot your CEO, or a teenager who would rather face death than have Lifetouch make your senior portrait, I hope that your search is over.

I'm a serious shooter with a commitment to quality. While I've been around a while, I just got a second wind and I am raging against the flipcam, all 600 pixel-wide images, and you are in denial if you think the iPhone 5 can really make a nice image. I'm here to make the one image of you that is more important than all 1,592 of your Facebook photos. I want to raise your expectations, and then blow you away with real photographic prints that will never be dated even after your pimples turn to crow's feet.

While it sounds like a line from Criminal Minds, "I love to shoot people." I am deeply committed to black and white but I get that many are addicted to color too. With digital, you can do both.

The thrust of my work is creating beautiful light on location which many photographers avoid. I make something out of nothing and make it sing. I can turn your boring office space into something cool, I can shoot 15 portraits in 20 minutes of your board of directors that look great, and yes, I offer retouching and other post production services as well.

Last, I didn't get frustrated in my real job and decide I would become a photographer in the last couple years. This is my life's vocation and I'm in the prime of my career. I would love to talk to you about your project, schedule a portrait shoot, or help you plan the HD video content you need for your website. I offer solutions to your visual needs so please contact me soon so we can collaborate on your next project that requires digital capture.

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