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When you think of a videographer, what often comes to mind is a person with a video camera bolted on top of a tripod shooting an event. While I can do this kind of work, it's not my passion or a good use of my talents.
I shoot primarily with Nikon full frame digital SLR cameras and try to add production value through the use of appropriate daylight balanced lighting, a 12' slider, steadycam, and through the use of a jib arm. But to be honest, I use a special video capable monopod for much of what I do. My roots are in photojournalism and this translates well to my trying not to miss the moments in a wedding, nailing a good take with talent for a TV commercial, or in the production of training videos and PSA's.
Since each project is different, it's difficult to give estimates for my work so it's essential to be able to talk through your expectations prior to me providing an estimate.

Feel free to give me a call anytime to discuss your upcoming project. If I don't call you back immediately, I'm probably out riding my motorcycle but I'll get right back with you asap. (865) 607.2020

- thanks! Patrick :)

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